New Kitchens & Refacing

New Kitchens

CIW combines the magnificence of superior doors and exceptional cabinetry with old world manufacturing techniques & state of the art technology. Our cabinets are constructed to last the ages with tried and true assembly procedures –from dovetail hardwood drawers to state of the art hardware. The final result is a product that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime.

CIW will work with you to design a kitchen that serves your needs. Using your ideas and desires, with our background, knowledge and computer systems, a colored 3-D image unfolds. Jointly, we explore the various wood types, styles and stains or paints that will create that personal touch. To further your options, CIW can work with you to develop those special tones, hues, highlights, glazes and antiquing that represent you. The only limits are those of your imagination.

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A whole new vista opens up when you decide to reface your existing kitchen. You get to choose the wood, style and color that you want.

CIW manufactures the highest quality doors from wood that is selected by grain and color tone. This provides a uniformity that makes your doors look like a solid piece of wood, not a series of strips of dark and light stain colors.

Utilizing your existing cabinetry, along with a centuries old technique of wood veneering, your kitchen is literally transformed right before your eyes. The wood veneer that is used to cover the face frames of your existing cabinets is also selected by grain and color tone. Exposed ends are covered with veneered panels or with solid wood panels. We can make & install all types of moldings to trim out windows, ceilings and floors. New cabinets can be added, or existing cabinets modified. Your kitchen is transformed – at a significant savings – to a completely new looking kitchen.

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Please convey to all my thanks & satisfaction.  Very pleased.  The painter & installer did a fine job. The doors look great !  I have to admit I ws nervous !  Thank you Linda, also, for your help and support.  I will be happy to refer CIW if I have the opportunity.  Regards. Joan


Thank you so much for being such wonderful dream fulfillers ! The island is fabulous & the counters look amazing – they are going in as I write this. Change is hard but in this case it is so worth it ! Maura

What a perfect cabinet!

My son couldn’t wait to put it in. It fit like a glove.  I really appreciate your talents in giving me exactly

what we needed …… and your patience. We couldn’t be happier !!!!!! Sharon